This is where Hags started. This line of bags, its concept, its mood recall it. It’s not only history, but it’s also a way to experience the present and look towards the future. Many years ago, when we created it, we were looking for elegance, personality, comfort, practicality. And for a big, a huge sense of freedom.
Naturally, we wanted all this to become a bag, a “cargo” bag, a lifestyle. Our free time is Cargo: first-choice, full-grain or smooth leather bags that know how convey fashion trends and colours in a unique way.
Men who choose Cargo will find, in the Florence model, the expression of its character and modern vitality. Small trips, long distances, the gym, the plane: it’s all really perfect. Elegant, simple, without gimmicks.

The Paris model is dedicated to women; Paris is certainly a fascinating Cargo bag which is restrained in size, but surprisingly spacious, to stay in tune with the life of the person who carries it. Key words: weekend, fitness, small trips, family life. And for those who are busy, Cargo is the ideal, daily choice to hold everything you need.
The details aren’t only details: the ever present, removable strap, the unmistakable, striped cotton lining inside. Here too, you can choose: the two colours or the solid colour with contrasting inserts, your choice.
To travel is to live.