The origin of Hags is here. It is told by this design, by its concept, its mood. It’s not just history, it's also a way to live the present, to look to the future. Many years ago, when we created it, we were looking for elegance, personality, comfort, practicality. And we were looking for a great sense of freedom.
Naturally, we desired all this to become a bag, a "cargo", a way of life. Our leisure time is Cargo: bags created with top quality leather, characterized by natural or smooth grain, that can express trends and colors in their unique way.
Man who chooses Cargo will find in Florence the expression of his character and his attitude of contemporary dynamism. Fast travel, great distances, the gym, the plane: everything is perfect. Elegant, basic, with no frills.

To women we have dedicated Paris, a charming Cargo, small but surprisingly spacious, thought to tune in to real life: weekend, fitness, short journey, family life. And for the most active women, Cargo is the perfect choice of every day, ideal to contain everything.
Details are not just details: the removable cross-body strap, the interior with its distinctive striped cotton lining.You are free to choose, here too: the bicolor one or the plain one with overs at odds.
To travel is to live.