The History

It all started with a wish.
Hags came to be thanks to four young friends who were also entrepreneurs. They wanted to design a unisex bag, perfect for people's free time, that could combine functionality and high quality materials. Honing in on their passion, inspiration and good taste, they created a modern and highly stylish product which became a trend. The "cargo" bag: the first, distinctively Hags. The initial concept for a "cargo" bag was backed up by a collection of women's bags. The premises were the same: beauty, functionality, shape, substance, eternity, today. A perfect, unforgettable and beautiful creation.
Pure Italian harmon. A Hags bag can only be created here.
Italy, Veneto, Vicenza: here art is routine and, at the same time, a beautiful daily experience. Here, all the Hags bags that you will admire are designed, created and enriched with unique details. Hags means the luxury of a choice, the choice to work only with very Italian leather to bring together the quality of classic, artisanal production with a modern design. All our items are manufactured in Italy, from the design to the production, to obtain the perfect harmony between functionality and beauty.
Hags creations gain in character thanks to the influence of climatic factors like light and temperature which modify the colour shades and hues thus intensifying their beauty and uniqueness.
Every bag seems to have travelled. It discovers new languages, unseen colour hues, real experiences.
The leather used to produce them comes from selected, exclusively "Made in Italy" suppliers that are careful with regards to environmental impact during every production step.
Every bag expresses an emotional and functional growth. Without any frills or easy reinterpretation.